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    The Certification Network Group is led by a group of volunteers who strive to provide meaningful gatherings
    for individuals and organizations interested in certification. The Board of Directors develops and initiates
    opportunities for certification professionals to learn, network and share best practices in the Chicago and
    Washington, DC, areas. The Board meets monthly to plan the strategy of the CNG and is governed by and
    abides by the Bylaws of the organization. These volunteers do the work necessary to keep the value of the group 
    high for all who work in the certification and accreditation industry.


    Linda Anguish, MS, SPHR, GPHR — Chair
    Human Resources Certification Institute

    Nicholas Soto — Vice Chair
    Construction Manager Certification Institute

    Rory McCorkle, PhD, MBA, CAE — Treasurer

    Cheryl Mounts, MS, CAE — Secretary
    International Board for the Certification of Specialties in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Torryn Brazell, MS, CAE — Immediate Past Chair
    American Board of Audiology

    Cynthia Allen, MA — Director

    Judith Hale, PhD — Director
    Hale Associates & Intl. Society of Performance and Improvement

    Ron Hanchar, MBA — Director
    National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and National Academy of Sports

    Georgia Patrick — Director
    The Communicators, Inc.

    Anjali Weber, MS, CAE — Director
    Laureate Division, Exemplar Global, Inc.



    What is now known as the Certification Network Group was started by Judy Rosenbloom in the early 1980’s. She was the executive director for a certifying agency who occasionally called together her colleagues for informal discussions on testing and advice for problems on issues she and others were facing. Over the years, the group grew to include invited speakers. When Judy moved out of the area, the group of attendees kept the networking tradition alive.  The growth led to a need for volunteers to help plan and organization future meetings.

    In the 1990’s, as the CNG became more organized, the volunteer group became knows as the Steering Committee, with someone agreeing to informally chair the committee. The Steering Committee met at the beginning of a calendar year to plan four or five meetings.

    A significant step toward structure and sophistication occurred in 2001 when the Certification Network Group went digital. A steering committee member had web site capabilities to post the group’s information and send meeting announcements by email. CNG experienced a tremendous growth as a results, in both Washington, DC, and Chicago.

    Today, the CNG is led by a board of directors. Meetings are planned by the Washington, DC, and Chicago Steering Committees. In 2013, CNG was incorporated as a non-profit entity, with the mission of providing opportunities, relationship building, education, and resources for certification professionals to support their initiatives in certification, accreditation, and customer service.