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    Our prime focus is on certification industry people who own certification programs and tend to the business side of running and growing a credential operation.

    We focus on networking, relationship building, and actively helping each other, online and in person, every day with the toughest questions and issues about certification, accreditation and customer relations.

    You belong in CNG if you have information about your certification program that you are willing to share with other certification professionals. You belong if you have tough questions and can’t find easy answers.
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    The most connected, smartest, most ethical and inspiring leaders in the certification industry are CNG sponsors.

    They enable our growth and every member of the CNG returns trust and loyalty to them in terms of referrals and preferred status at contract time.

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    Upcoming Meetings

    CNG meetings in the Washington, DC metro area are usually held every third Wednesday of the third month of each business quarter. In the Chicago area, CNG meetings are held as announced. Click a date below for details.


    2016 CHI meetings

    Wednesday March, 30, 2016:

    Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
    The Need for Speed:
    Designing Agile Processes and Using Rapid-Prototyping | RSVP

    Wednesday, Aug 17th, 2016
    Credentialing Security Challenges:
    Protecting Your Exam From  Creation to Scoring | RSVP

    Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
    New Models in Assessment:
    How Technology Enables Higher-Fidelity Assessments | RSVP


    2016 DC meetings

    Wednesday March 16, 2016:
    Talking to HR: Making the Business Case
    for Hiring Certified Professionals
    | RSVP

    Wednesday June 15, 2016: 
    Going Global pt.1: 
    Translating your Exam | RSVP

    Wednesday September 21, 2016: 
    Going Global pt. 2:
    Marketing Globally| RSVP

    Thursday Dec 1, 2016: 
    Round Table Event | RSVP



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    Past Meetings

    Click here to download powerpoint presentations and other materials from previous meetings.

    Certification Network Group

    2100 M Street NW, Ste 170-286  ♦  Washington DC 20037-1233