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    • 12 Jun 2019
    • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
    • ASIS International 1625 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2882

    CNG Washington, D.C. Event 

    June 12, 2019

    Psychometrics 101: Engaging your board and new staff members 

    What does a new credentialing board member need to know about measurement?  In addition to being relevant for a new board member, this session will be helpful as a refresher for those who have been involved in credentialing, and for certification staff members to use to assist new staff, board members, or subject matter experts. 

    The focus of the session will be on the concepts of reliability and validity, to be described at a basic level.  Relevant NCCA Standards used to evaluate examination development and analysis processes will be discussed, along with some observations about the most recent version of these standards. 

    The two primary measurement models will be mentioned briefly to help promote understanding of the underlying processes used and to set the stage for evaluation of items and examinations.  Going beyond a simple description of terms, the session will hit the highlights on how to:  conduct a practice analysis, write items, evaluate items, improve reliability, and determine passing points.  

    Session Outline:

    • Identifying the intent of the measurement process
    • NCCA Standards and their origin
    • Theories of measurement
    • Reliability
    • Validity

    Presenter: Lawrence J. Fabrey, Ph.D., Chief Psychometrician, PSI Services, Certification

    Lawrence J. Fabrey, Ph.D., is Chief Psychometrician for PSI Services, an international testing company based in Glendale, CA, with certification headquarters in Olathe, KS. He is now in an advisory role; until recently was responsible for managing the psychometrics division for PSI’s certification clients. Larry was in a similar role with Applied Measurement Professionals, and he previously worked with the American Nurses’ Association and the National Board of Medical Examiners. He was a voting psychometrician for the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for six years and Chair of the NCCA for three, while also serving on the Board of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA, now ICE).


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