The uniqueness and future of the Certification Network Group has always been in the talents, time and experience each person brings to the group. The CNG is all about networking professionals and sharing information, knowledge and best practices. 



  1. Arrive early! The networking part is usually prior to the start of the actual meeting.
  2. Talk to people! The point of the CNG group is to connect with people who can share their own credentialing experience.
  3. If you don't know what to say, start by asking the other person about their work, their career path, or whether they have attended CNG meetings in the past. You can prepare ahead of time by having a few "ice-breaker" questions in mind.
  4. Plan to get at least two business cards from people whom you don’t know and to give out at least two of your own!
  5. Be a connector -- ask people what challenges they are trying to solve and connect them to the people with the answers
  6. Become an active participant! Join the Program Committee, offer ideas for topics and/or speakers, host a meeting at your organization.
  7. Have a compelling story to share about your work that shows why you’re passionate about what you do.
  8. Fully engage in the conversation you’re in and don’t be looking for the next (or better) person to talk with.
  9. If you commit to following up or doing something, be sure you do – promptly!
  10. After the meeting, follow up with a request to connect on LinkedIn.
  11. Bring business cards, and make sure they’re readily available when you arrive. If you don’t have them, print your contact info out and be ready to share it with others.
  12. When engaged in conversation, listen.
  13. Focus on making personal connections/relationships.
  14. If you’re newer to networking and the industry, attend with the goal of making a friend.
  15. Be yourself.

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The CNG meetings connect certification professionals with challenges to certification professionals and vendors with solutions. They provide not only best practices, but also new and effective ways to develop and administer certification programs.


We actively encourage the certification community to forward the Certification Network Group’s LinkedIn page — “Certification Network Group” — to colleagues, industry partners, independent credentialing bodies, and government agencies.

Join the CNG discussion on LinkedIn.  You will need a LinkedIn Profile. Then, access the group, Certification Network Group.  Request permission to join this group.  We promise to get back to you very quickly. 

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