CNG is a force of excellence for the world of tomorrow


As a force of excellence in the progressive development of credentialing professionals, Certification Network Group offers invaluable connections, education and resources.

Brand Essence Statement

CNG is a force of excellence for the world of tomorrow.

Crafting and implementing employer or industry qualification standards can build a better future. That’s why we provide invaluable education, networking and resources to credentialing professionals. Plus, it’s free - - we are the only source to do that.

We attract professionals from all levels of achievement and encourage open expression and stimulating perspectives. In this way, you benefit from choice industry knowledge by proven experts, innovative thinking by beginners in the credentialing field and thoughtful solutions by our vendor partners.

Combine all this with easy access to those from all levels of the industry, and it’s no wonder our attendees -- regardless of position, status or need - - experience faster, more agile professional growth.

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